“Breakable Toys”

The third and final of “patterns grow out of an exposure to new information or a desire to acquire new knowledge: whether you’re practicing a new technique, building something in an effort to learn a new platform, or studying the source code of an innovative new open source tool.”. As this pattern “Breakable Toys”, is also important as 2 last blog posts. “Success is built on failure”, this is a well-known quote. But in the environment that sometimes does not allow for failure, we need to be both or leave some room for failure. We need to learn keep trying after failure, to be the kind of people who can succeed when faced with difficult problems.

Budget for failure by designing are good for side project. We want to have failure in the manage area, they need safe place to make mistake. When implementing the Breakable Toys pattern, make your systems relevant and useful to your life. This is good for our own personal project. In these project, we allowed to fail, we can try out new ideas and techniques. The person who get effect by these failure is us, not to others. The book suggests that a classic example of the use of this pattern build our own wiki. I think this is good idea, this require a lot of components work together: HTTP, REST, parsing, web design, caching, full-text search, databases … we can learn a lot from it. They need maintaining, so there will have thing to do, plus we could keep adding feature. This is great long-term project.

Failure and things go wrong are always happen in the tech industry. The important part is how to fix it and what did we learn from it. It is good for business to know this and leave some room to fall back in, like a backup system or good security team.

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