Introduction to REST API Security

We all know how important security is on the internet, that’s mean as web developer, we must pay extra attention design a safe environment for the users and clients. Security aspects should be a serious consideration when designing, testing and deploying a RESTful API. The security layer is often overlooked in the architectural design of the API. In this blog “Introduction to REST API Security”, show some security guidelines and issues.

We need to manage which information users have access to, which is call Authorization, it is important to have whitelist permissible methods. Sensitive resource collections and privileged actions should be protected. Clear access rights must be defined especially for methods like DELETE and PUT. Those methods must be accessed only by authenticated users only and for each such call, an audit must be saved. Once we have authorization, we also need to verify the authenticity of any calls made to one’s API. This process is call Authentication. The ideal way would be to have a shared secret with all authorized users such as the username and password credentials, or multi-factor authentication and token-based authentication.

Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets Layer are cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network. This make sure the connection is private and secure because symmetric cryptography is used to encrypt the data transmitted. Cryptography, in order to secure the DATA. You need to consider the encryption of data transmitted, the data you store, and the integrity of the data transmitted from API to storage. REST APIs mostly handle data, coming to them and from them. It is also a very important doing security testing for your REST APIs.

There are many other ways of attack and to protect your web such as auditing, DOS Attacks, Anti-Farming, HTTP Status Codes … By knowing these common attacks, we can build more quality and secure REST API services and it will give you many benefits in the future. I thought these guidelines are useful. Personally, I have seen a lot of these happen website. Even big-name company, who have a lot of resource still got hit by these attacks. In the process of design your REST API, include these security feature will save you in the long term.


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