Simplify REST API development for modern Single-page apps with SQL Server

This blog from Microsoft Developer is related to what we are doing in class, specially to the final project. “Simplify REST API development for modern Single-page apps with SQL Server” by Jovan Popovic, talk about Single page app architecture, persisting JSON models in database.

First is single page app architecture – end-to-end, similarly to what we are doing in class, there are 3-tier pattern architecture in single-page applications.


Client-side is from users view, from web apps or mobile apps, this using frameworks or library such as Angular, JQuery, ect. This side executed and communicate with some middle application via REST API, then provides or accept data as JSON. JSON requests obtained from client-side and create some SQL queries to get or store data to the database.

If the client wants to get the data from the database, developer would need to add a few sub-layers in the applications layer. Developer would have some data access component to execute the query and fetch data, then some kind of “view model” to view the results of the query. The objects would take that information in JSON format to display to the client.

Second part is Persisting JSON models in database, as we know many modern web applications is running on the client side. We can use frameworks that enable developers to maintain state of the application on the client side. When the application saves the state being sent to the app layer via REST service.

To save the state provided by client-app, developer need to analyze JSON text from the client, use some data transfer objects and save data transfer objects into the database.

This blog cover mainly back-end of REST API. To show Built-in JSON functions in SQL and SQL Database, enable you to simplify your application layer code and work with database using the format that is already used on your client-side apps. I thought this blog somewhat useful since we learned about Angular, Node.Js and SQL in database class. I want to learn how all that fit in with each other. Web design really good and useful skill to have, specially this is how we view the internet though our eyes.


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