Qualities that Make a Good Tester

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Everyone wants to be good at their jobs. But what is the skills to make people good, especially in software tester. I came on a list “10 Qualities that Can Make You a Good Tester” on a blog website. The blog points out 10 points of what make person is a good tester, though the rich experience in the industry by the author. Other than the obvious, tester makes sure the code work correctly, there are more to it. Tester needs to have the overall look of the project, why the code work and not work. What is the cause and how it affects the consumer and developer.
I thought to understand priorities of the test are very important. Testers usually has the list of tests to check, but they need to know which test is important and plan accordingly. Ask questions to understand the overall picture, and I learned that though doing projects at school. When we look at the code the setup by developers, there will be questions on what they meant by it. And skill such as team player and good communication are great for testers, we always have connection to the developer and consumer. When we understand each other better and get on the same page, we can be more effective, save time and money. Positive attitude is also important; the overall job of tester is to help others. This is not just applying to testers, but to overall to everyone, by the positive attitude we can make the production better overall. The last progress of testers is to show a good report, tester need to have detail and easy to understand on what the issue of the application. Think of the issue on not just how it effects the project that tester assigns to, but on how it effects on the real-world application. From the point of view as end-user, how is this issue that could affect the experience of users. This is good list of overall what make testers good. We need to keep these points in mind, in any computer career. These tips will help us on long term.


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